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The metallic cushions Silentflex® are made from stainless steel wire, knitted, embossed and highly compressed, in order to achieve the wanted geometric shape.

Our metallic cushions range has more than 950 standard references and could provide up to 2000 special choices, each one with their own characteristics (range of loads supported, static stiffness, natural frequency and % damping).

However, thanks to our capacity of manufacture metallic dampers, Silentflex® can develop and provide particular shapes and characteristics, adjusted to special requests of our customers.

Metallic cushions Silentflex® can be used in a wide rank of industrial applications due to:

Provide progressive stiffening, with a constant natural frequency, under a very wide range of loads, using a small space volume.

• All-metall dampers: metallic cushions Silentflex® are manufactured in 100% stainless steel, both AISI-302, AISI-304 or even AISI-316 for corrosive ambients (Chemical Industry, aeronautics, etc.)

• We can develop and created on request: Silentflex® manufactures metallic cushions with custom shapes and pre-defined damping characteristics.

• Are naturally resistant to grease, oil, water, among others

• High Temperature Dampers: support temperatures from - 67°C to + 300°C without modifying their mechanic properties.

• Natural frequency between 12 and 25 Hz

• Damping of 15 to 20%

• Specially suitable to damp rotating machines (over 2000 rpm)


metallic cushions Silentflex® metallic dampers Silentflex®
Metallic cushion damper Silentflex®

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